There's A New Donut Shop In Town

You may recall a few weeks ago when we posted about the upcoming opening of a new donut store in town...well, Holey Donuts is officially open an Awesome-approved!

We got a sneak peek of the new West Village location (101 Seventh Avenue South) and met with owner Frank Dilullo to get the inside scoop a few days before the grand opening. Holey Donuts serves a broad selection of fresh made, filled, and decorated donuts that are, get this, low-fat! We learned that while regular donuts can range from 30-50g of fat, the donuts made here have only 2-5g. They also range from between 150-300 calories each. That's a huge difference! Frank told us the method to the madness is top secret, although he did say it was a 22-step process that isn't simply "baking" the donuts because then you "just get bagels." 

Holey Donuts is also different because they have nothing on display (meaning, no waste) and your donuts are made right in front of you (Chipotle style!). You can choose between a traditional frosted donut ($3.85) or filled ($3.95), and a myriad of different toppings. I tried the coconut cream filled (definitely one of my favorites!) and chocolate glazed. They also gave me a half dozen to take back to my office, which everyone seemed to appreciate.

While the texture is not going to be exactly like the donuts you are used to, they are still mighty tasty and the fillings make all the difference. Frank was insistent I take a bite of my donut right away since they are so much better warm. These aren't meant for sitting around the office kitchen all day people! Get 'em while they're hot!

Holey Donuts also serves cinnamon buns and mini cinnamon buns made out of the same dough, so you get the same low-fat, low-cal benefits if you're craving a morning bun over a donut!

Lastly, Holey Donuts carries a line of non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free juices from the Miami-based RAAW juice company and Novus teas (I highly recommend the Wild Encounter flavor!).

Be sure to bring your credit/debit cards with you to Holey Donuts, because they are a cashless establishment. I've started to see this more and more, and I think it's a great idea, lowering risk and increasing hygiene (do you have any idea how many strains of bacteria live on a dollar bill?). Better not to think about it and just munch on a coconut cream.

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